Open letter to the president, vice president & other leaders


open letterThis post is my open letter to the current president, vice president, and other leaders. I am sorry in advance if what I have stated creates any ill feelings, but this is the way I feel about things.

To the president, vice president, and others in power,

While the world has been under attack from a deadly virus, shouldn’t you be protecting and defending the country and people you represent? Are you unable to see the damage you are doing daily? You were made aware of the virus that has caused extensive turmoil long before you bothered to act on it. We have all been terrified of this virus and those, like myself with a compromised immune system have lived in fear for months. 

How long did you say COVID-19 was a democratic hoax or not all that serious? You tried blaming everyone but the person you have to see…

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  1. This has really been a crazy thing to watch. My heart breaks for our country in the midst of all the illness and death. I actually believed our president when he first started addressing COVID-19, thinking that no one could possibly try to harm and mislead their own country and citizens. I was wrong….I am glad that there were scientists out there willing to share their knowledge, guidance, and predictions even when it contradicted our president’s words. My parents have decided not to go out until there is a vaccine, and I am the sole gatherer in the home. My kids were already homeschooling prior to COVID-19. I miss my friends, family, community, life without face masks, physical contact, and so much more. I am thankful for technology and friends who continue to connect amidst this storm.


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