All we can learn from cats…


Beautiful girl ChloeMy husband and I have had one of our precious cats, Chloe, for almost 15 years. It is so hard to believe our sweet little girl is going to be 15 in June. Chloe has brought us so much happiness, laughter, and love ❤. As a kitten, Chloe would climb the artificial Let you live heretree we had in our apartment. She has always been an indoor cat, so she has never had an opportunity to climb a real tree which is good because I do not think she ever came down from the artificial tree on her own. She has always been a rather small cat and in recent years continues being tiny partially due to having early-stage kidney disease.

After Chloe was an only child for many years and my husband’s grandmother on his father’s side passed away, we took in his late grandmother’s cat ❤. I had always wanted Chloe…

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  1. It’s strange I the like button isn’t working. I feel the same about dogs. I miss my cat very much but we’ve found out my husband is allergic so no more cats. We just had to put our baby Shaggy to sleep yesterday, it’s heartbreaking.

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    • I am so sorry the like button is having issues. It does seem that WordPress has issues every now and then. I am SO sorry about Shaggy. I completely understand how heartbreaking it is and there isn’t any preparing for the feelings that occur. I wish you comfort and healing, just always remember the good times!

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