The Importance of Love


love 5Over the past few years it has been obvious that while some people still understand and appreciate love, far too many others can’t seem to comprehend the meaning. I can’t imagine I am alone by thinking love isn’t something we should ever ignore or take for granted. Love impacts all of our lives in many different ways, but personally, I will never leave the house without telling my husband I love him.

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Love is also a powerful word that should not be taken lightly and should not be used unless it is meant. Love should not be abused or neglected. Love should be unconditional without limitations or stipulations. When you truly love another person, you should trust that person without any 3

Real true love includes respect, appreciation, thoughtfulness, admiration, and never causing your partner emotional distress, humiliation or any form of…

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  1. I love your graphic of the different kinds of love💕 I have had two failed marriages, and I think they contributed to more illness than wellness😷 I experience more freedom to love and be loved now than I ever did with a partner. I believe the right partner makes a difference.

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    • I totally understand. I got married the first time at 19. It was a big mistake and all because I have “daddy” issues. When I was diagnosed with MS, he got a girlfriend. All I can say about that is karma is, well a word I won’t use now! I am glad you have the freedom to love and be loved now. You deserve nothing but happiness and to be treated right!

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