High sensitivity makes you stronger, not weaker


main-qimg-abb7dd235b660e3e1e5867419d060fb0Throughout your life, how many times have you heard that you are “overly” sensitive and emotional and care too much for others? First of all, this doesn’t make sense to me because I believe in a world that is full of negativity and hatred; we all need more compassion shown. Maybe the “overly” sensitive and caring people are here to combat the ugliness in the world today.

Unfortunately, many times our level of sensitivity and ability to care is viewed as a weakness. I do believe that anyone who can say Emotionally-Sensitive-Quotesanother person cares too much and views that person as overly sensitive does not understand just how the traits they very as a weakness are in fact a sign of vast strength.

It is because you care why you are not able to do what so many others do and turn a blind eye to someone who is suffering…

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  1. I love this! As I have grown older, and worked with loads of kids, I have started to view high sensitivity as kind of a “super power” that we must learn to harness and use for good. Highly sensitive kids don’t fit too easily into the expectations of the world. They need some guidance and support but never need to be told that there is something wrong with them because of their high sensitivity!❤️ It does make you stronger!

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    • Thank you so much for reading and leaving a great comment. I think it is perfectly normal to be sensitive and anyone that can watch the news that doesn’t cry right now, might be a little heartless. I honestly can’t make it through a new segment without crying and it is very rare I don’t cry watching movies!

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