Ways to care for your mental health during a pandemic


coronavriusOn March 11, 2020, both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic due to the coronavirus. The coronavirus has affected 192 countries and territories worldwide and 1 International conveyance, the Diamond Princess Cruise ship. It has steadily been causing vast amounts of turmoil in most households around the world.

Only to add the apprehension things have occurred, no one ever thought they would see in their lifetime. Starting with sporting event cancellations, school closings, mass ppe-graphicshortages of personal protective equipment in hospitals, delaying elective surgeries, borders closing to International travelers, malls with either adjusted hours or closing altogether, restaurants only offering take-out, grocery store’s shelves are pretty much empty, employers being forced to allow employees to work from home if the work permits or laying employees off because they can’t afford them,  and I am sure there is more that I…

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  1. It was hard not to obsess on the news when it started getting close to home. I feel like we are more aware now, and know the plan. Stores are out of essentials unless you just happen to be at one when they stock. There are not enough tests, so minor illnesses that have THE SYMPTOMS must just be quarantined and treated as such. I usually tune into news 1-2 times a day, and listen to our county mayor in his daily 2:10 report. There is a feeling of helplessness…all we can do is stay home and help our neighbors when we can. Great post❤️

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    • I agree with you, it is hard to not obsess. I never could have imagined anything this awful going on in the states. I was shocked when I saw how empty the shelves were at the grocery store. I grew up in the north, but now live in the south and when it snows down south grocery stores are bombarded, but even when the treats of snow have happened., I never saw stores like they are now. I know I should have not been going out to the grocery store because of my weak immune system, but I did because we needed a few things. I think I have finally decided it is going to be best for me not to go out again until this all clears, which may not be until Fall. It is hard times and we all need to be able to lean on each other and there shouldn’t be any ugliness to anyone else, but sadly there is. I hope this will pass way before fall, but I guess we don’t knows. I am glad you enjoyed this post! I have been writing more to keep my mind busy and I really love doing research! Take care and please stay safe sweetie!!

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      • I live in the south as well (TN), so I know exactly what you mean about the “snow panic”! There is some reason behind that- I have heard stories of a time right before I moved here (about 25 years ago), there was a really bad ice storm that knocked out power and water for weeks! That hasn’t happened since I have lived here, but we have been snowed in for several days at once. This is definitely different! Do you have someone to designate as an errand runner? I sometimes have my mom and 11 year old ride with me…. in the back seat…. touching nothing. The ride calms them😉

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      • I am so sorry for my late response, I actually just saw this comment. My husband says he will go to the grocery store for me, but it isn’t something he typically does and I am afraid it will be a disaster. I forgot you live in TN. How are things going there? My first MS specialist lives there and I have worried about him. He is older and so is his wife,, who has some medical issues. I loved him and was so sad when he retired. I am glad you have your mother and child to help you. I was actually thinking I could still go to the store, but have my husband pick everything up! Stay well sweetie!

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