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imagesEven though things are slowly getting a little better, I am still feeling way too much anxiety and stress. I am glad that my unemployment was approved because that helps with the financial stresses, but not having insurance when dealing with Multiple Sclerosis is making me feel a little crazy. I do think this would make anyone feel like they were jumping out of their skin, which is the way I feel right now.

My husband keeps telling me that I need to relax and everything is going to be okay. I am a very optimistic person normally, but I do not see life the way he does right now. Medications are stupidly expensive and so are doctor’s anxietyappointments. One of the medications I take daily that is supposed to slow the MS down is Gilenya. Y’all will be surprised how much this one medication would cost me each month…

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      • I am in Tennessee. I have no idea how people are affording to pay, other than going into debt. I am a public school teacher- single mom income. I pay a lot for insurance for my kids, and still have enormous copays and deductibles!

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        • WOW, Tennessee, that is where my first specialist moved to. I have not been able to find another like him, so I am thinking about tracking him down and just go to TN to see him. The only issue is, he retired.
          I will never understand how we afford healthcare in the US. It is horrible! We are the only developed country that does not have free healthcare! Maybe once Trump goes away, we will have a president that wants free healthcare. What grade do you teach? In high school, I wanted to teach 1st grade, it just didn’t happen that away. My mother in law was a school teacher with 2 kids. I give you credit. I had a hard time with I worked at the hospital with children because of the abuse I saw. Some people should have NEVER had kids!

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          • I currently teach grades kindergarten-8th- gifted. It is part of special education here. I have taught kids who have had mild to severe disabilities for about 20 years. I have grown to be fascinated and passionate about progression of mental illness in children. I tend to do a lot of advocating and educating families and educators.


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