Pick Me Up Thursday!


you-say-thursday-i-say-friday-eve-have-a-tayzerific-10147394-e1554939166168Happy Friday Eve y’all! I hope your week went well and you are looking forward to the weekend! One of many things I am not great at is waiting! Y’all already know that I quit my previous job because it was well, awful and I accepted another position. So here is where the waiting comes into play. Of course most jobs do background checks, right? Well, one of the states I lived in about 20 years ago is taking forever to get them what they requested! It makes no sense at all, I was barely an adult when I lived there ee80ef69a87cbcf8f1b356cba24f0160-e1575508637204.jpgand sure as hell do not have anything negative in my background! In the event that state doesn’t get my new job the report requested, I may have to wait another week before I am able to start. Now another week off work is great, but it is also…

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