and then there were none

survivor road

ten little aspirations all in a line
reality struck one
and then there were nine

nine little aspirations out by the gate
abuse killed one
and then there were eight

eight little aspirations dreaming of heaven
one died of loneliness
and then there were seven

seven little aspirations in a house made of bricks
brotherly affection destroyed one
and then there were six

six little aspirations barely alive
till a sister undressed one
leaving now only five

five little aspirations dreaming of more
but father took his belt off
and then there were four

four little aspirations hiding in the tree
the school bully pulled one down
and then there were three

three little aspirations knowing not what to do
one grabbed the kitchen knife
now there were two

two little aspirations playing with the gun
until one gave up on life
and then there was one

one little aspiration…

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