My Open Letter to Pain


pain go awayDear Pain,

Our relationship started so many years ago and let’s be honest it has never been a healthy relationship. I have tried to break free from you for years, but somehow you manage to always find a way to sneak back into my life.

At this point I do not even remember exactly

when all of this pain started. It is both sad and crazy it has been that log and I can’t pinpoint a day! It seems as though you just creeped on me until you pretty much consumed my days. You have always been an unwelcomed intruded who wanted to invade my life and almost control me. Unfortunately, the harder I fight you, the more persistent you (5)

When I sit here thinking about our history I do know you slowly started causing me pain in my only my legs. While having consistent pain in both legs…

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  1. I think my tolerance to pain may be a little more than average, but I have had pain linger for up to a month….that was my limit- it got hard to want to go on! I can’t even imagine the chronic pain of MS….you are a warrior in my book!!

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    • Awww, thank you for your comment! Pain isn’t easy, but I think many people deal with it. I will say, when mine gets really high, I am ugly to be around because I am moody! I think you are giving me too much credit, but I really do appreciate it! I hope your pain gets better and stays far away from you!

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