The Simple Guide to Value Triggers

Looking For The Light

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How to live by your highest ideals.

Posted Aug 11, 2019

Steven C. Hayes Ph.D.

Get Out of Your Mind


Source: Pixabay/CC

Being in touch with your values is essential to living a rich and meaningful life. By knowing what you care about most, you become inspired to live by your highest ideals, bringing out the best in yourself. In short, values help you find direction, meaning, and inspiration in life.

Unfortunately, however, it’s more complicated than this. Because too often enough, we get sidetracked. Too often, the demands of the day pull our attention away from what really matters, to serve our immediate emotional needs. We then lose touch of our ideals, and revert back to old – often destructive – habits.

If you wish to stop this from happening, break the cycle of bad habits, and bring forth the best of yourself, you have to…

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