Does poor emotional quality directly suppress and interfere with.. IQ..


Could certain individual’s actually suffer mood and empathy suppression year’s before any visual signs of a existing health condition show through..

low eq individual’s may unaturally carry low eq, because low eq may kinda be a suppression, which may simply be a bye product to a much much bigger underlying health condition..

A sleeping giant, which i believe is simply the human immune system..

High eq = little to no emotional interference = Natural emotion andempathy = good cognitive skill = a supporting individual..

If you are blessed with high eq, you may simply take natural eq strengh for granted and unknowingly be judging how you perform with someone who may unknowingly have an underlying health condition..

An underlying health condition in which i believe can suppress how well certain individual’s deal with themselves emotionally and empathise..

Individual’s who struggle with a lower eq, struggle to contain themselves emotionally and…

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