Kristen Bell Gets Candid About Mental Health On Instagram

Looking For The Light

By David Konow 08/06/19

Bell revealed on Instagramthat lately she’s been “feeling very off,” but she isutilizing resources and her support system to help her through it.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell, star ofVeronica Mars, is one of many celebrities who has been open about her mental health. She recently posted on herInstagram story, “Lately I’ve been feeling very off.”

Bell added, “I’m checking in with my support systems and my resources and I hope you are too because we can handle whatever life throws at us if we ask for hope.”

Several days earlier, Bellposted a pictureof herself in a split image. In one image, she looked happy, in another image, she looked depressed. “Ever feel like this?” she wrote. “Me too. Often. It’s okay to not feel ok. We’ll get through it together.”

On Instagram, Bell also suggested ways to battle back against tough mental…

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