Agraphobia Is Not Logical

Looking For The Light

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Whatever this obstacle is, it started 18 months ago, there wasn’t a moment I can pin this inability on. Inability is the right word, I’m not afraid to leave the house, I’ve driven a few times in the past year, I know how to drive and live in the same town.

Yet I have my husband take me to all my appointments even if there just a mile or two away. I never feel nervous when we’re getting ready to go, no uncomfortable feelings on the way there and no sigh of relief when we’re back home.

For the longest time, I denied I had Agrophobia but now understand people drive while suffering from Agoraphobia. The famous Chef Paula Dean was Agrophobic for years, she drove and took care of business as needed but she feared it, didn’t want to drive, couldn’t even walk…

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