Motivational Monday!


monday 3Good morning y’all! I hope y’all had a beautiful weekend and were able to enjoy every moment of it because you definitely deserve to! I think I made it clear already, last week was pretty difficult for and did change my moods frequently. It was WAY too hot for WAY too many days and I had to be out in the nasty temperatures for far too long. If someone does not understand how much heat and pain do not get along, they should try walking in my shoes for 10 minutes when10403353_10152369000532964_1324338832096924487_n it is 98 degrees and see how they feel. I know many do not understand chronic illnesses because they are healthy.

Anyways, those issues were last week and I am not going to allow them  to dull the determination and pride I will start this week with. Starting another new week can and should add great new possibilities…

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