Documenting Long Complex Journey With Lyme Disease Journal Entry One

Looking For The Light

Repost from 2014

So much time has passed since this first Lyme blog, I found it interesting and naive. I hopeyou enjoy reading. Maybe you’re at the beginningof your Lyme journey. I’m always here for you. M

Scheduling probiotics, medicine, and supplements is a challenge. With probiotics you have to wait before eating or taking meds, then juggle of what goes on an empty stomach, which with food. Can’t forget the shot to stomach three days a week. Adjusting the new meds has not been fun, I’m stoned out of my mind the bulk of the day, then massive headache moves in, then time to get stoned again before bed with the headache.

My gripe, it’s not a being stoned, its brain fog with the floor moving under your feet. David has to take me to appointments since I can’t drive. I’m a sight to see, women stoned out of…

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