Chronic Pain: Swimming Therapy

Most people don’t think of Mental Illness when discussing Chronic Pain. Mental Illness can be physically debilitating with many spending large amounts of time in bed. For someone like me who is challenged by both, daily life can be difficult. Today I’m in bed juggling my laptop on one knee trying to avoid the pain screaming on the left side of my body.

Pool Shade

Over the holiday weekend my husband installed a pool shade so I can swim and get exercise without burning to a crisp lobster. They are very inexpensive and easy to install. He bought the sail on Amazon for less than $50.

One of the therapies the Pain Management doctor suggested was swimming and water exercises. Every other day I spend 30-45 minutes with my water noodle paddling around and doing basic exercises. I have noticed a difference in the muscles not used in ages.


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    • I hope she takes to the water. I learned the hard way by jumping into my uncle’s pool around 4-5 years old. I didn’t get to excersise the past two days because my leg can barley move. This happened about a month ago, time for another doctor. I’ve had problems with my legs for almost two years, I have to ask if it’s MS.

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      • I hope you find some relief. You have endured so much. I haven’t experienced anything close to your chronic pain- only once can I remember having chronic pain past my point of tolerance, where I didn’t think I could take it anymore.
        I didn’t get comfortable in the water until I was about 10, even though I had lessons from the time I was about 6. Now I love it❤️

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