Has it Really Been That Long?

I was recently reminded that this site was started five years ago! Why does time seem to move quickly at times, and slowly at others? How do our marvelous brains hold years and years of information, to be called up by a memory trigger of some sort? The more I learn about the human mind, the more fascinating it becomes.

I will have my 53rd birthday this month, and of course, birthdays are a big memory trigger!

Where was I, 5 years ago when Melinda introduced the idea of starting this blog? I found this picture from about that time. I was recently free from an abusive marriage…free to start a new chapter…it was another beginning.

This is where I was when I first met Melinda….just moved myself and the two AoA kids into a bedroom at my parents’ house, after escaping the escalating behaviors of the dad, which were involving loaded guns, anger, silence, and threats. I had just started blogging, never thinking anyone would ever read anything I wrote. My counselor at the domestic violence center had suggested journaling, and I had told her that I was curious about blogging. I was blogging away in my own little world; Then came a response from Melinda… she stayed with me many evenings when I couldn’t sleep…when the effects of the trauma I had been living in came over me in waves. My poor dad spent many nights on “guard duty”, when gunshots would echo through the woods behind the house. You see, my parents’ house backed up to the ex’s farm…I didn’t think I was going to survive.

Melinda was a link to the world outside of my trauma…a lifeline.

My human spirit survived. When I first started my blog, it was in recognition of the army of angels that just started coming from everywhere to lift me and the kids up out of the darkness from which we came. They didn’t have to do that…no one told them they had to be kind or helpful or supportive. I was coming out of years and years of being conditioned to believe that I was nothing…not worthy of love. My heart had been turning to stone in an effort to avoid the pain of breaking. But…somewhere inside me was the spirit that would fight to be free again!

That 5 years seems like a lifetime…and yet it seems like only yesterday.

For everyone who has joined in this supportive community….




  1. I remember all those days like yesterday, I know how much you’ve and the kids have been thru. No doubt the days of terror are over but the threat still hovers. You have all the tools now to deal with the ex and provide a safe home for them and yourself. We’ve been thru a lot in 5 years and I’m so glad we met. You’ve been there for me and have been a great example of how to endure in the most difficult times. I lift a glass to the next 5 years. M

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