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As an Ambassador for the U.S. Pain Foundation I invite you to read the latest issue of Invisible Project. Melinda Sandor Ambassador-Texas U.S. Pain Foundation

June 3, 2019/ U.S. Pain Foundation/ 0 Comments

In time for Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, U.S. Pain Foundation has released its third edition of the INvisible Project focusing on headache and migraine diseases. The publication depicts the reality of life with pain, and why people living with headaches diseases need and deserve more help, treatment options, and research. It also serves as an inspiration to those living with the disease, offering hope and resources.

The magazine features profiles of 10 inspiring individuals, including:

  • Danielle Byron Henry: On March 24, 1999, at age 17, Danielle took her own life due to migraine disease; a life lost to unbearable pain from a serious neurological condition. In 2019, her family observed the 20th anniversary of her…

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