Have You Ever Been On A Chopper……..

Looking For The Light

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Jumped from a helicopter on a chopper into protected airspace and pulled over by DOD drone, written a ticket and followed the drone to jail?

Jumped out of a helicopter in freezing cold weather on a chopper in a bathing suit while the top is flapping in the wind.?

Driven thru a toll booth on a chopper with no toll tag or money and the line is building?

Called your husband, I borrowed the chopper. Remembered he’s your ex and she answers the phone?

Trying to make a cell call on a chopper in the snow while missing your exit?

Me either, this one on my famous vivid dreams

I did wake up with less pass, if you find this post funny then my funny bone woke up with the dream.

Ride on!


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