Anesthesia for Chronic Pain?

Looking For The Light

Ketamine is an anesthesia used since the 1960s and has since been proven to work for Chronic Pain and Mental Illness. My pain levels have been through the roof and walking the last 15 days has been difficult. I made the decision to try something radically different. I had my first Ketamine treatment was yesterday.

I  read about the LSD effect of Ketamine, this helped me prepare. First, it’s been ages since I’ve done LSD (Acid) and one experience was not pleasant at all. If you’ve not taken LSD you may keep a couple of things in mind.

I wasn’t afraid but started to get nervous as we arrived, I started preparing for this out of body experience. I ask the doctor to include anxiety medicine, the last thing I wanted was a panic attack.

You lay on a table in the patient room, bring your own pillow if you like…

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