Manic Times

Spirituality is the only way to solace

Note: This is quite a lengthy post. I would really
appreciate if you could allocate sufficient time to read it till the end. I
would feel blessed if my message has been conveyed, and my efforts in this research
on mental imbalances and its impact is fruitful.

Thank you
in advance.

In bipolar (BPD), manic times (mania) are often
characterized by extremely high levels of brain activity exhibited by racing
thoughts, high level of emotional expressions, unusually highly creative levels
exhibited in productive activities (unproductive activities as well), that
cannot be exhibited by them in their “normal” times.

If you read about the lives of several of them with this condition, you will find this evident. I am just giving typical examples below of people, who had lived/been living with this condition that had attracted my attention:

Kurt Cobain – 1967-1994 (Nirvana) – the song

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