Being Bullied Thru Junior High

Looking For The Light

I was always the odd kid out, didn’t make friends easy, would only have one friend at a time, lied to get attention and cut myself to see who cared.

When you’re abused as a child you keep your world silent, I told no one, that’s the key reason I didn’t want to have friends. My step-father was a drunk so I couldn’t invite friends over, I didn’t want to get close to someone and share my secret.

Junior High is a tumultuous time for all teens, trying to figure out who we are, soon going to eight grade and being the rookie again.

I hated myself, when your abused everyday and called names that are horrible, it’s easy to believe overtime the evil thrown at you is real.

In sixth grade, I tried drugs and spent every morning across from the school huffing paint. Any escape worked for me…

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