Lyme Progress #9 Don’t Inspect–What To Expect

Looking For The Light

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As the temperatures warm the chances of encountering ticks increase. I had a PA recently say we don’t have Lyme is Texas, what? Yes, Lyme or tick boring illnesses are in every state. Some states have a higher percentage of cases but dot fool yourself, tick-borne illnesses are in every state in the United States. There are now 30 strains of tick born illnesses and more are discovered each year. This year a more a deadly tick-born illness, Powassan Disease was discovered and it’s the most deadly. Please take notice and protect yourself and children.

This post is a combination of photos, snippets from previous post and new information. If you have questions visit ILADS website for the most accurate information on tick born illnesses. This association is for doctors who treat Lyme, educators of Lyme and the medical community who are there to increase knowledge.

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