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Looking For The Light

I want to explain what Parathyroids are, there are four small glands behind the Thyroid. The purpose of the gland is to monitor Calcium in the body. When your Parathyroid is not working properly, which shows up on lab test, the test will show your Parathyroid gland is working overtime trying to level your calcium levels. It’s weird but when the test shows high it’s not a good thing. What happens if you don’t have enough calcium, your body goes to your bones to get calcium which can cause Osteoporosis. If the Parathyroid isn’t working chances are there is a tumor on the gland that needs removing. High calcium is never a good thing.

I have tumors on all four Parathyroid and scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks. My calcium has been low for some time because I already have the beginning of Osteoporosis in my right hip. The surgery is…

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