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Looking For The Light



The Boston Celtics select Chuck Cooper in the second round, making him the first African American drafted in the NBA. He will make his debut on Nov 1, 1950 and play for six seasons. After retiring, Cooper will get his master’s in social work and work in education and urban affairs in Pittsburgh.


MIT graduate and cofounder of Fairchild Semiconductor, Robert Noyce is granted a patent for the integrated circuit, or microchip, an essential computer building block. Noyce will later found Intel and be nicknamed “the Mayor of Silicon Valley.”

404 BCE

Raging for 27 years, the conflict between the city-state of Athens and the Peloponnesian League ends after Spartan leader Lysander destroys most of the Athenian fleet, and Athens finally surrenders. The war is over, as is the golden age of Greece.


East meets West when Soviet and American patrols make contact along Germany’s…

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