What do you think of this Wig?

Looking For The Light

I shaved my head several weeks ago because bathing is to painful without having to wash and dry my hair. Fibromyalgia takes everything out of you on a daily basis even on a good day. On a bad day you don’t want to move. This isn’t the first time I’ve shaved my hair in the past seven years, it makes life easier.

I’m a laid back person and usually wear a ball cap no matter how good my hair looks but tomorrow is different. I don’t really know why but I feel it’s better to wear my wig. I don’t know if the need is for me or for the doctor and being in public for half a day.

I have several small tumors on my Thyroid, Parathyroid and larger tumor in my throat. I’m meeting with one of the most respected Endocrinology Surgeons in the area. Why it matters…

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  1. I think it looks great, Melinda!! And it doesn’t matter “why” it’s important for you to wear a wig tomorrow-it’s important that you’re doing what feels right for you. When I lost a lot of my hair to Methotrexate, I wore wigs too. You look great! Good luck tomorrow!! I’ll say a prayer for you ❤️️

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