Chronic Illness​ & Mental Illness

Looking For The Light

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When dealing with severe pain it’s easy to forget you have a mental illness that requires as much attention, if not more. It’s critical to have the right doctors, I see a Pain Management Doctor for my Chronic Illnesses, a Psychiatrist for my Mental Health and a General Practitioner for everything else. The doctors are not trained to do each others job, a General Practitioner is not qualified to treat chronic Illnesses, including mental illness.

If your only choice is seeing a General Practitioner for chronic or mental illness, you will have to take on additional responsibility to make sure you’re getting the best healthcare. What you can’t expect is a General Practitioner to be a one-stop shop, they have 15 minutes per patient and treat the most common illnesses. Once your 15 minutes is up, you have to save questions for the next appointment.

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