Lyme Progress #8 Fibromyalgia

Looking For The Light




I’ve written 76 WordPress post on Chronic Lyme, rarely acknowledging the other Chronic Illnesses I have. When I started treatment for Lyme someone said to me, just wait you’ll get all types of other illnesses. I thought I was dying, having IV Therapy treatment seven days a week, Sunday bandage change, and do it all over again.

I flew to D.C. every month for three years to see my Lyme Literate Doctor. After a few months, I could barely walk, the airport was the worst. The medicine protocol would change every month to prevent me from getting resistant to antibiotics.

I received a progress report after each trip, included was the concerns, actions needed, or illnesses to deal with. I felt like death, everything felt the same, there was no way to know what Fibromyalgia felt like because of the chronic pain I felt already didn’t change when diagnosed.

I’ve continued to…

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