Rob’s Weekly Wrap Up 3/8-3/15

Art by Rob Goldstein

This week opened with violence in Venezuela, more stories of wealth and corruption as we learned that wealthy people paid ‘consultants’ to scam the university system to get their kids into school. President Trump produced a budget that cuts Medicare and social security to pay for the wall Mexico will pay for, and Trump’s campaign director sentenced to jail time in two separate trials. The State of New York then indicted Manafort on new crimes. Trump can’t pardon state crimes. The House and Senate vetoed Trump’s emergency declaration and a white supremacist in New Zealand murdered 43 Muslims as they prayed in their Mosque: his manifesto touted America’s president as his inspiration; as comic relief, a racist homophobe on Fox was exposed as a racist homophobe. I’m still not sure why this is news:

Nancy Pelosi says it’s not worth impeaching trump if she can’t get a bipartisan consensus. I…

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