Thoughts Job Hunting: Working Temporary

Looking For The Light

I started as a Recruiter in 1982 placing employees in light industrial jobs. My clients hired, warehouse workers, packing, anything in the warehouse that didn’t require heavy lifting or above a certain OSHA rating. It was a tough job, we had people not get their time card in on time and want to kick my ass, more than once. We had clients who discriminated, I wasn’t allowed to work those accounts, thank goodness. I worked with light industrial workers until my career developed. I moved to clerical then to information technology.

The reason I mention OSHA is the more dangerous the job the higher the number on the OSHA scale and the higher the Workers Compensation tax is. OSHA is a governing body where all job injuries are reported to with the proper forms and detailed information of incident. If you start a warehouse job unloading trucks and get moved to…

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