Stream of Consciousness Saturday Week #SoSC “soul/sole”

Before blogging I kept many parts/experiences hidden, no one would or could understand. I was almost 30 before seeing a Therapist, boy the baggage I had. I hid parts of my life for several reasons, ashamed, guilty and I felt responsible. When I joined WordPress in 2005 it was a diversion to help me grieve my granny.

I had very few followers and wasn’t involved, that blog was just for me and granny. After several years of the reading post, I noticed how many people had the same or similar secrets. I started to think about the past, analyzing each emotion, with the help of my Therapist I realized there was no shame or quilt. She helped me deal with the suicide of my father, my soul was an open book.

My writing started to let these secrets out and love and support astounded me. I had never talked to someone with…

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