Highway to Hell Part Three

Looking For The Light

At five years old I loved my baton and was quite good, until the day I got mad at my mother and bashed several holes in my closet door. There went the baton and the dream. No anger issues here!

A large group of friends and I would tube down the Nacogdoches River. It’s a 6-8 hour trip if you do the full stretch. There is a dangerous waterfall along the way. In previous years I would get out with others and haul the beer coolers around the waterfall. It was so hard on my back. One year I decided to go over the waterfall on the other side people were taking photos, clapping and cheering me on, I was acting like I won a marathon, then someone said look down, no more two pieces after that.

This is one story I debated telling in case my brother ever reads my blog. He was about six and taking a…

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