Why Yoga? 6 Steps to Relieve Anxious Moods Naturally

Looking For The Light

By Donna C. Moss
Last updated: 11 Feb 2019

I’m anxious. Anxious traveler. Anxious driver. Anxious mother. There I said it. It was only when I found yoga with psychotherapy that I could regulate it on the spot. Now I use mind/body approaches in all my work. Why?

Science has shown that the body keeps the score.

Google anxiety, google yoga. The breathe complements our nervous systems. Calm the breathe and you calm your mind.

Do a child’s pose. Legs up the wall, forward fold, butterfly, mountain and alternate nostril breathing. Then see if your body is more relaxed. You can do this right in the session.

Now summon that deep relaxation each time you need it. Yoga, a centuries old practice, takes the focus on your breathe to the places that scare you.

I remember the first time I tried yoga, I almost passed out. The teacher came over…

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