Highway To Hell Part Two

Looking For The Light

Repost from 2017

Childhoods antics landing my brother and me in trouble. 

I have to start with my favorite story, you’ll get a better idea of who I am. At recess in third grade, I told the teacher I HAD to go to the bathroom. NO, go back and play. A few minutes later I went back to the teacher, I HAVE TO GO! You’re just saying that go play. A couple of minutes later I begged the teacher to let me go, NO. I said okay and popped my pants right in front of her. I had to retire my purple elephant bell bottom suit.

Gramps stopped to pick up bread leaving us in-car, I may have been seven. The car was a standard on the column, I was playing like Gramps driving and somehow got the car in neutral. We were rolling out on to a major street. I hopped…

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