This is single best article on the topic of mental health and mental illness that I have ever read!

Thank you for sharing the great information with us.

A Blog About Healing From PTSD


The following article, published January 31, 2019 on the Mad In America website, is by far the best article that I have ever read on the topic of mental illness. Considering that I have been read hundreds, if not thousands, of psychology books, magazines, and blogs over the past 40+ years, that’s really saying something!

I was planning to post just a few sentences from that article here, with a link to the M.I.A. website so you could finish reading it there. But today, every time I tap on the Mad In America link, I get a bad gateway error. I wonder if this excellent post broke their website? Seriously, it’s that good!

Luckily, when I first read this article two days ago, I loved it so much that I copied and pasted the entire thing — footnotes and all — into my tablet. So I will paste the article…

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