Netflix’s Sex Education is great – but it gets therapy wrong And it’s not the only one.

Netflix’s brand new British comedy-drama series Sex Education packs an immediate punch, sticking the students of Moordale Secondary School and their sex-based concerns right in front of your face without warning or apology.

Because this is a show on a mission: “[It’s about] encouraging people to rip the band-aid off and have those uncomfortable, awkward conversations about sex, rather than bottle it all up inside, or think that they have to go online to get the answers,” writer Laurie Nunn told Digital Spy and other press. “To try and talk to their partners or – if they can handle it – to their parents, or to their friends.

“We really think that that’s going to help them have healthier sexual relationships.”

It’s a noble purpose and because of that, nothing is sanitised. The concerns that the characters are grappling with are painted in the loudest…

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        • I love crime stories, actually very fascinated with mafia. Relates to my past family history & Bonnie & Clyde. Clyde’s mother ran a grocery store in West Dallas which was unincorporated land. My granny & her family lived there. Granny would go and sit on the counter and talk to Clyde’s mother all day. She was a good women. Grannies two brothers were hanging with Clyde and other cronies. Back then it was slot machines the mob owned.

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