Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS Zommie

Looking For The Light

Zoomie word of the week. 

Instead of looking for a definition, it’s time to wing it. I could see my nick name being Zoomie because walking at 10 months old created an unwanted road race my mother was not ready for. As a young girl Zoomie would fit my curiosity for all things behind doors. In kindergarten I snuck into the Janitor’s maintenance room and found large buckets of paint. I pried the lid off of one, it was solid on top, my little mind went “how far down is it dried”. I found out quickly not very far, just to the top of my arm. Imagine the Supervisors surprise when all the others are taking naps and I’m covered in paint.

Join us for the fun and sharing good media stories  

For more on the Stream of Consciousness Saturday, visit Linda Hill’s blog. Here’s the link:

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