Dissociative Identity Disorder in VR: A Quick Chat with Sara

Art by Rob Goldstein

Sara: I think that the heart of a good relationship is four elements

Max: Listens

Sara: The first is respect for each other…not the diluted notion of ‘props‘ but respect for the courage it takes to lay your soul on the line and say here…take me, and mean it. The second is taking pleasure in play.

Max: Like Dancing?

Sara: Yes. Dancing is fun…And I think love is one part empathy and one part compassion.

Max: You are a smart, beautiful woman.

Sara: Thank you. I joined VR to protect Bobby; but having a body was so thrilling when I first joined I almost forgot my job.

Max: Listens.

Sara: I’d had never a chance to come out as an adult, or to express myself with clothes; and Bob had joined a strip club, so the strip club was my first frame of reference for life here.

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