Lyme Progress #7 Supplements?

Looking For The Light

Every case of Lyme is different partly do to which major organ the spirochetes  penetrate and set up house. They go for the brain, liver, kidney’s or heart, some of the symptoms are relative to the organ they set up house in. Then you have co-infections to deal with. A tick can give you Lyme and other diseases it carries around. Ticks aren’t the only ones to carry Lyme, sand flies and mosquitos can carry the disease. This is why it’s so important to spray yourself every time you go outside.

Doctor’s don’t have a protocol to follow since every patient is different. To me Lyme treatment felt as if the doctor was trying to kill the spirochetes without killing me. I was in bed almost three years. Doctors are working to establish a protocol but that is another post.

My Lyme team recommended approximately 50-75 supplements to take on…

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