Lyme Progress #6 Beginning And End of Journey

Looking For The Light

Lyme is one of many Autoimmune Disease that share the same or similar symptoms. It’s one reason doctor’s tend to treat each symptom until they realize it’s one illness and give a referral or you’ve given up on them.

My journey started with pain in the middle of my chest, Costochondritis, my General Practitioner said, it will heal in three months and to come back then. The next appointment I was diagnosed with something to do with my left Clavicle. Time for a second opinion, the new doctor said no it wasn’t my Clavicle and recommended a Neurologist. I walked down the hall and made an appointment the same day. I spent a year with the Neurologist, taking every test she could do, all the test were abnormal but not enough to make a diagnosis. The test result were interesting and surprising, I was having high spike seizure at nigh,t unknown…

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