Second Chances – Chapter 8

Thanks Marcus for sharing Chapter 8 with us.

survivor road

fairly productive weekend.  got a couple small chapters reworked into one that I think is better length.  guess the proof will be in the reading.  at any rate, hope it’s enjoyable.  I think I’m actually starting to get back in the swing of writing.  or at least – REwriting…

8 ~ Subject to Change ~

Jared’s car sat in my drive.  I had not yet left the passenger seat; my last quickly gulped whiskey was starting to burn its way through my system, leaving me somewhat sluggish.  Jared had turned in his seat and was studying me, a gentle look in his eyes.

“Are you ok?  You’re looking flushed.  Thanks again for coming, Paul.  It was nice checking the place out with a friend.”

I stretched languidly, unbuckling my seat belt.  “I had a good time, Jer.  It’s a nice enough place, though might be nicer once the newness wears…

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