How to Keep Calm and Survive Your Pregnancy Brain

Looking For The Light

Psycology Today

Dawn Kingston Ph.D.

The Pregnant Pause

The secret is living in your upper brain.

Some pregnant women find family events, work parties or holidays more difficult than usual because they are often laden with conversations and comments about what they’re not doing right, what they should be doing, or horror stories of birthing or parenting.

How do you navigate the challenges of relationships that are often part of large group gatherings?

Living in your upper brain is a life strategy that will help you to manage difficult relationship situations. I call this a life strategy because it will help you now…and well beyond your pregnancy. You can use it in your daily life, and it will help you to be calmer.

Your Upper Brain

Our brains can be roughly divided into three parts:

1) Our upper brain, which is where we do our best thinking, creating, and decision-making

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