The Agony of Ecstasy-Scene 16

Thanks Daniel for another great chapter of
The Agony of Ecstasy-Scene 16

Return of Dragons

“Hatred is a fire only man feels, he does not hate the beast that comes in the night. They don’t hate death. They hate each other.”

― Meagan Spooner, Hunted

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Alexandra Drăgana

Scene 15

Rolf trotted along the path that followed the escarpment above the field just inside the treeline. He kept a wary eye on the throngs of people below him. They were not his prey today. Still, they were never to be trusted except for his Alpha, they made better meals than packmates. He stopped and looked around, looking for odd contrasts that didn’t belong in the forest, his home. His labored breath held for a moment as he scented the air. He sensed the interloper and the aromatic esters of gun oil and nervous sweat. He trotted on, following the scent as it grew stronger, pungent, swirling in his nostrils, and fueling his fury.

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