Star Trek Sick Bay and Me

Army of Angels: Part 2

This week, I underwent a robotic hysterectomy! It sounds so futuristic…

Everything went as well as it could, and I was home resting within 24 hours.

That seems like enough, right?


Just as I rested on day two after surgery, there was a call….it was Brother’s therapist. Apparently, when Brother was not able to go through with the first visit in over a year, the Dad lashed out. The day the visit didn’t happen, the Dad seemed to understand that the mental health issues being worked through were serious, and that we would have to try again with some adjustments in the approach.

A couple days later, he showed up at the therapists office with his step father, who is well into his eighties. Together, they yelled at staff, made some kind of threats (maybe legal threats), and created a scene in the lobby, in front of…

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