Michael Phelps Speaks Out About Battling Depression, Anxiety

I’m glad Michael came forward! He has such an influence on children and adults, the more he shares about the experience of mental illness, then harder we can knock down the stigma. Children will listen and will hear the message because Michael is a known athlete, gold medal winner no less. M

Looking For The Light

ByDavid Konow10/30/18

“I was so down on myself. I didn’t have any self-love and, quite honestly, I just didn’t want to be alive.”

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps has won 28 Olympic medals, but despite his incredible history as a swimmer he’s also had serious bouts with depression, anxiety and alcoholism.

Since getting help, Phelps has been very open with the public about what he went through, but he recently admitted on Today that he’s “struggling weekly” with his mental health.

“From time to time, I’ll have bad days where I do go into a depression state,” Phelps said. “Being an athlete, you’re supposed to be strong and be able to push through anything. My struggles carried on through my career and I hid them well. There are so many people who struggle from very similar things that I go through and still go through… At times, it was a…

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