Happy Thanksgiving America

Happy Thanksgiving! M

Looking For The Light

I work hard to acknowledge the little things happening everyday. Many days it’s hard to take a minute to acknowledge and let the smile sink in. 

I have many things to be grate full everyday but this past week it came in a big reminder. I fell eight stairs last weekend landing on my head and neck. When I came to all I could think of is is my neck broken, what about my back. I told myself to calm down and figure out how to get up and not make my injuries worse. 

I managed to get up and walk. The accident could have been life changing. I shattered my wrist, broke right elbow, broke left Orbital bone and broke nose. My Orthopedic doctor rushed me to surgery on Sunday to have a plate in my left hand. My body all over hurts, bad whiplash and back strain, I…

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