Motivational Monday!


276405-Good-Morning-Have-A-Lovely-Day-Happy-MondayGood morning y’all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you are ready as ever to start your week off with positive thoughts! The early morning Monday alarm clock can be quite annoying and very disturbing, but I guess it is the wake up call needed to get us started on a bright and beautiful new week!

As always, the quote I am sharing with you today to kick-start your week holds meaning in my mind and heart! I truly hope you find meaning and truth to this quote and I can’t wait to read what you think of this quote! Your views are always pretty amazing!enjoy these moments

When I look at what a complete and total disgrace the county I live in has become, it breaks my heart and rocks my faith in humanity to the core! I often wonder if all the CiqV8N0XAAAVhK8destruction we see daily was built from…

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