I’m so Beautiful to ME…………

Looking For The Light

This post will not go on WordPress Featured, but you can understand after taking many falls yourself. I one burst of energy Saturday, thinking of all I could get done.

I accomplished to fall half way down stairs, land on head and neck with the rest of my body pinning me down. Breaking my neck was first, how do I get out of this and not move my neck.

What about my back…..here. goes! I can’t recall how getting up. It’s scary when some thing happens and you’re alone, no one hears your tears.

A broken orbital bone and arm, battered to pieces everywhere else. I am totally blessed, no broken neck or back. God also sent the message my husband needed to hear, I can no longer live in a two-story house.

Have a great evening,

M 🙂

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    • that’s not all…….my eye may require surgery. yuck!!!!!!!!! I’m working hard to get my store open but God thought I should slow down. I’ve been telling hubby for over a years we have to get a one story. this scared the shit out of him….maybe he’ll listen now. I told him it was a direct message from God!

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