Relax & Recharge!


fcb9d620299c9c634d6fc9314702aa02.jpgHappy Sunday y’all! I hope you are having a wonderful and peaceful weekend! I think it is possible that today is my first day in the house that I am not busy or battling with a nasty migraine. We have been living in our new/old house for one month now, but our first two weekends were spent driving 2 hours back to our old home to finish up some loose ends. Let me just say that after working the typical  five-day/40 hour work week and having to basically work a 6th day was hell and way too much for my already exhausted and beaten down body.

I always do my best to keep in touch with the positives in my life, which is why I do my best to avoid the news. But let’s be honest avoiding the news is like avoiding the ocean in the middle of an island…

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