My Dream is Coming True!

The Will2Walk Foundation has given me a grant to go towards an “FES” Bike!!! πŸ€— I’ve wanted one ever since the day I became paralyzed over 4 years ago. 😒The grant covers half of the price of the bike so I started a Gofundme page to try and cover the other half. Here’s a link to my GoFundMe page…

I’m getting really really close to obtaining my goal! I’m so excited!! πŸ€—An “FES” machine is Stationary Bike with a motor and electrodes that I strap my legs into, then a motor pedals the bike for me while electrodes trigger the correct muscles at the correct time so that I can build up my leg muscles… So when the time comes and I can move my legs even more than I can now, I will be able to eventually stand on them again… So if you have the means It would sure mean the world to me if you could donate… Even just a little bit helps and it could possibly change my life forever! πŸ™‚ and if you cant donate you can sure help out by sharing this.

I need to raise $4000 and the Will2walk foundation has given me $2050 grant and my go fund me page has raised around $500 already!! I’m so lucky πŸ€ to have been given this opportunity!

I’ve already raised 75% of my goal! I’m so close! If you can afford to maybe donate a little but I would be forever grateful!

Thanks for your support everybody!! It sure means the world to me!! Thank you πŸ™πŸ»

This Machine is going to change my life! πŸ€—


  1. Hi Casey, how about an update!!!! you were so close. I bet people would find your hinting and fishing photos motivating! You’re moving forward now at a higher rate and can build from here. Let me know how I can help! Hugs.


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